Book of Satanism

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A forbidden book, god himself does not exist, but in concept, strategy, and power; Satan does not exist, but in concept, strategy and power, both are extremes of an incredible philosophy of magic and manipulation used to establish the god’s hegemony, turning it into the unique and powerful deity that dominates the Universe.

But … with a glance that will shake your most profound spiritual concepts, SATANISM opens the door to hidden power, the force of creation, the denied wisdom in the paradise, the knowledge of good and evil, the whole conception that every being is God.

This book will transcend your beliefs, it will break up your spirit, it will make you reassess your existence and the god’s existence, you will understand the deep manipulation and limitation in which humanity has fallen, this book will shake the angelic hosts releasing the demons of total freedom.

Satanism is the sacred philosophy of power, the secret essence of sects that dominate and oppress the world. Satanism is the force liberated from the entire creation implied in all beings that emerge from dogmas and creeds.

This document will show you the hidden power to dominate the world, and undoubtedly it will liberate your soul from the mental yokes, transporting it to the fantastic world of freedom and magical powers.

Omar Hejeile Ch.
ISBN:  978-958-8391-38-0

Versión English 

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Gerald Barnes

27 Jun, 2016 at 2:30pm

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